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Diploma Associate Programme in Civil Engineering

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Diploma Associate Programme in Civil Engineering

Course structure

Sr No. Subject Credit
Term 1
1 Engineering Mathematics 4
2 Engineering Graphics 4
3 Construction Materials 4
4 Engineering Mechanics 4
Term 2
1 Building Construction 4
2 Advance Surveying 4
3 Transportation Engineering 4
4 Theory of Structures 4
5 Elective - I 4
Term 3
1 Estimating & Costing 4
2 Concrete Technology 4
3 Design of Steel Structure 4
4 Highway Engineering 4
5 Elective - II 4
6 Project/ Training Certificate 4


Sr No. Subject Grade
1 Hydraulics 4
2 Geo Technical Engineering 4
3 Computer Aided Drawing 4
4 Irrigation Engineering 4
5 Public Health Engineering 4
6 Entrepreneurship Development 4
7 Contracts and Accounts 4
8 Design of R.C.C. Structures 4
9 Solid Waste Management 4
10 Plumbing Services 4

Civil Engineers normally do the accompanying:


  • Dissect long-range plans, overview reports, maps, and other information to plan and configuration ventures
  • Consider development costs, government guidelines, expected ecological perils, and different components during the arranging and danger investigation phases of a task
  • Assemble and submit license applications to nearby, state, and bureaucratic organizations, confirming that activities conform to different guidelines.
  • Regulate and break down the consequences of soil testing to decide the ampleness and quality of establishments.
  • Examine the aftereffects of tests on building materials, for example, solid, wood, black-top, or steel, for use specifically extends
  • Get ready quotes for materials, gear, or work to decide an undertaking's monetary attainability
  • Use plan programming to plan and plan transportation frameworks, pressure-driven frameworks, and structures by industry and government principles
  • Perform or direct reviewing tasks to set up building areas, site designs, reference focuses, levels, and rises to control development
  • Deal with the fix, upkeep, and substitution of the public and private foundation Civil Engineers likewise should introduce their discoveries to general society on themes, for example, the offered proposition, natural effect explanations, or property portrayals.


Numerous civil engineers hold administrative or authoritative positions going from the boss of a building site to city engineer, public works chief, and city administrator. As bosses, they are entrusted with guaranteeing that sheltered work rehearses are followed at building destinations.

Other civil engineers' work in plan, development, exploration, and educating. Structural specialists work with others on ventures and might be helped by structural designing experts. Structural specialists get ready license records for taking a shot at ventures in a sustainable power source.


They confirm that the tasks will conform to government, state, and neighbourhood necessities. These specialists lead basic examinations for huge scope photovoltaic, or sunlight-based energy, ventures. They likewise assess the capacity of sun-oriented cluster uphold structures and structures to endure worries from wind, seismic movement, and different sources. For huge scope wind ventures, structural specialists regularly get ready roadbeds to deal with huge trucks that pull in the turbines.


Structural specialists take a shot at complex ventures, and they can accomplish work fulfilment

in observing the task arrive at fruition. They have practical experience in one of a few zones.


Construction engineers oversee development ventures, guaranteeing that they are planned and implicit agreement with plans and details. These architects regularly are liable for the plan and wellbeing of impermanent structures utilized during development. They may likewise administer budgetary, time-the executives, and interchanges parts of a task.


Geotechnical engineers work to ensure that establishments for assembled objects going from roads and structures to runways and dams are strong. They centre around how structures worked by structural specialists, for example, structures and passages, collaborate with the earth (counting soil and rock). Additionally, the plan and plan for slants, holding dividers, and passages.


Civil Engineers plan and survey significant ventures, for example, structures, extensions, or dams, to guarantee their quality and strength.


Transportation engineers plan, plan, work and keep up regular frameworks, for example, roads and thruways, however, they likewise plan bigger undertakings, for example, air terminals, transport ports, mass travel frameworks, and harbours. Crafted by civil engineers is firmly identified with crafted by ecological designers.


Advancement for Civil Engineers

Civil engineers with abundant experience may move into senior positions, for example, venture chiefs or practical supervisors of plan, development, activity, or support. In any case, they would initially need to acquire the Expert Designing (PE) permit, because solitary authorized specialists can accept obligations for public tasks.

In the wake of picking up licensure, an expert designer may look for credentialing that exhibits their skill in a structural designing strength. Such an accreditation might be useful for headway to senior specialized or even administrative positions.

Course Eligibility

Must pass minimum SSC from a recognised board


1 Year to 3 Years

Accelerated Mode

Any professional with one or more year of working experience can opt.

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