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Diploma Associate Programme in Electrical Engineering

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Diploma Associate Programme in Electrical Engineering

Course structure

Sr No. Subject Credit
Term 1
1 Engineering Mathematics 4
2 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4
3 Basic Electrical Engineering Materials 4
4 Engineering Drawing 4
Term 2
1 Electrical Instruments and Measurements 4
2 Electrical Machines 4
3 Power Plant Engineering 4
4 Transmission and Distribution 4
5 Elective - I 4
Term 3
1 Switch Gear and Protection 4
2 Industrial Electronics and Control 4
3 Installation,maintenance & repair 4
4 Renewable Sources of Energy 4
5 Elective - II 4
6 Project/ Training Certificate 4


Sr No. Subject Grade
1 Control of Electrical Machines 4
2 Process control & Instrumentation 4
3 Electric traction 4
4 High Voltage Engineering 4
5 Energy Management 4
6 Microprocessor Development Systems 4
7 Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation 4
8 Utilisation of Electrical Energy 4

An electrical Engineer plans, creates and keeps up the electrical control framework to the necessary particulars, and zeroing in on economy, dependability, security, supportability and quality. Building businesses and administrations, transportation organization, development and assembling, and creation and the circulation of intensity are a portion of the particular fields of vocation improvement.

An electrical engineer can work with the ventures bargains in item improvement, framework the executives, item plan, deals, entertainments, purchasers' hardware, transportation, remote correspondence, fabricating, synthetic, car, defence and pharmaceutical.


Careers Related to Electrical Engineers


Aeronautics engineers

Plane design specialists plan principally airplane, shuttle, satellites, and rockets. Also, they make and test models to ensure that they work as indicated by the plan.


Architectural and Engineering Administrators

Building and designing directors plan, direct, and organize exercises in compositional and designing organizations.


Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical Engineers consolidate designing standards with clinical sciences to plan and make gear, gadgets, PC frameworks, and programming utilized in medical care.


Computer Equipment Engineers

Computer Equipment Engineers research, plan, create and test PC frameworks and segments, for example, processors, circuit sheets, memory gadgets, organizations, and switches.


Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Electrical and Electronics Engineers assist engineers with planning and create PCs, correspondences gear, clinical observing gadgets, navigational hardware, and other electrical and electronic gear. They frequently work in item assessment and testing, and use estimating and demonstrative gadgets to change, test, and fix hardware. They are likewise engaged with the production and arrangement of hardware for mechanization.


Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers introduce or fix an assortment of electrical gear in broadcast communications, transportation, utilities, and different enterprises.


Circuit testers

Circuit repairmen introduce, keep up, and fix electrical force, interchanges, lighting, and control frameworks in homes, organizations, and processing plants.


Electro-mechanical Specialists

Electro-mechanical professionals consolidate information on mechanical innovation with information on electrical and electronic circuits. They work, test, and keep up automated, computerized, mechanical, or electromechanical hardware.


Network and Computer Frameworks Directors

Computer networks are basic pieces of pretty much every association. Network and Computer frameworks directors are liable for the everyday activity of these organizations.


Sales Engineers

Sales engineers sell complex logical and mechanical items or administrations to organizations. They should have broad information on the items' parts and works and should comprehend the logical cycles that make these items work.

Course Eligibility

Must pass minimum SSC from a recognised board


1 Year to 3 Years

Accelerated Mode

Any professional with one or more year of working experience can opt.

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