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Diploma Associate Programme in Health Safety and Environment Engineering

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Diploma Associate Programme in Health Safety and Environment Engineering

Course structure

Sr No. Subject Credit
Term 1
1 Safety Management 4
2 Environmental Safety 4
3 Fire Technology 4
4 English Communication 4
Term 2
1 Occupational Health & Safety Management 4
2 Fire Risk and Control 4
3 Safety in Drilling 4
4 Safety in Construction 4
5 Elective - I 4
Term 3
1 HSE in Process Industry 4
2 Hazards Safety Measures in Process Industry 4
3 Environmental Management in Infrastructure 4
4 Environmental Management in Power 4
5 Elective - II 4
6 Project/ Training Certificate 4


Sr No. Subject Grade
1 Water supply, Refugee Health and Sanitation in Emergency 4
2 Petroleum Exploration & Petro Refinery 4
3 HAZOP & HAZAN Techniques 4
4 HSE in Infrastructure Industry 4
5 Basics of Infrastructure Engineering 4
6 Construction Safety 4
7 Introduction to Power System 4
8 Safety in Electrical Design 4
9 HSE in Power Industry 4

Types of Job Roles Health Safety and Environment Engineer


Construction and Building Inspectors

Construction and building reviewers guarantee that development meets neighbourhood and public construction laws and laws, drafting guidelines, and agreement determinations.


Fire Inspectors

Fire controllers look at structures to distinguish fire risks and guarantee that government, state, and nearby fire codes are met. Fire agents, another sort of labourer in this field, decide the root and reason for flames and blasts. Woods fire inspectors and counteraction experts survey outside fire risks openly and neighbourhoods.


Industrial Engineers

Industrial engineers discover approaches to kill inefficiency underway cycles. They devise proficient frameworks that coordinate labourers, machines, materials, data, and energy to make an item or offer assistance.


Mining and Geological Engineers

Mining and geological engineers configure mines to securely and productively eliminate minerals, for example, coal and metals for use in assembling and utilities.


Health Safety and Environment Specialists and Technicians

Health safety and environment subject matter experts and specialists gather information on and investigate numerous kinds of workplaces and work techniques. Experts assess work environments for adherence to guidelines on security, wellbeing, and the climate. Professionals work with experts in directing tests and estimating risks to help forestall damage to labourers, property, the climate, and the overall population.

Course Eligibility

Must pass minimum SSC from a recognised board


1 Year to 3 Years

Accelerated Mode

Any professional with one or more year of working experience can opt.

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