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Students Words

I would describe the IAPL Institute as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of available additional opportunities. The best thing about the certificate course is having the freedom to think of an idea. Best place to start your educational journey with the job.

- Steny George

Graduate Associate Programme in HSE Engineering, HSE Officer, Qatar

I am pursuing PG Programme in Business Management from IAPL Institute and would like to add that the Institute and the faculty members are approachable in nature. The Institute has various facilities to help working professionals in terms of student interact sessions, industry leader guest lectures, a bunch of tasks where you can speak with such countless working experts and gain more from their experience.

- Uroosa Abdul

PG Associate Programme in Business Management, Teacher, UAE

Success was a marvel in my mind which I wanted to strive for before I came to IAPL Institute. And it was made obvious here by the direction of the counsellor, my hard work and fate that I flew high in the right direction from where I was founded. Thanking for the miracle of life at IAPL Institute. It's Family.

- Vineesh Kumar

Graduate Associate Programme in Civil Engineering, Draftsman, Saudi Arabia

The journey that started at IAPL Institute, five months ago was indeed one of the best decisions of my life. Our professors have inspired us and challenged us throughout this quest to help us reach the epitome of success and achievement. The unique approach of “learning by doing” via cases and consultancy projects has led to immense value addition. Best place to complete your higher education with the job.

- Vinod Pandey

PG Associate Programme in Business Management, Sales Manager, India