Techno Impact on Education

Technology is playing an important role in the daily life of humans on earth. And if we are thinking about education than it is just a click away from us if an individual has good guidance on it.

There are many Universities and Institutes that are providing online education with supportive study material. And if we are talking about working professional, who wants to pursue their higher education with the job than it is the best option for them to complete their higher education.

If we are checking for IAPL Institute than they have perfect study learning plans for working professional. Institute is providing education via online mode. They are providing study materials such as eBooks, Notes, PPTs and recorded lectures.

The best part of the Institute is its examination pattern. Institute follows assignment type-examination pattern where a student will get question papers to email id and within guided days, a student has to complete an assignment and submit back to Institute’s examination department. The student will get all questions on case base studies, where a student has to apply his professional experience and answer the question in the best way.

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  1. Later, addressing the convocation, PM Modi said that technology is the future and it is getting priceless gifts from prestigious institutes like IIT Kanpur. Here is everything you need to know about the blockchain-based digital degree and how it will impact the educational sector in the future Decentralised technology The blockchain system works on the principle of decentralisation.

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