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Diploma Associate Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

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Diploma Associate Programme in Computer Science and Engineering

Course structure

Sr No. Subject Credit
Term 1
1 Computer Fundamentals & Applications 4
2 Programming in C 4
3 Data Structure 4
4 Operating System 4
Term 2
1 Electronic Devices and circuits 4
2 Data communication & Computer Network 4
3 Object Oriented Programming Methodologies 4
4 Database Management System 4
5 Elective - I 4
Term 3
1 Operating System 4
2 Computer architecture 4
3 Software Engineering 4
4 Internet Technology 4
5 Elective - II 4


Sr No. Subject Grade
1 Web Development Tools 4
2 Computer Maintenace and Trouble Shooting 4
3 Network Management and Administration 4
4 Mobile Computing and Application Development 4
5 Dynamic Webpage with Scripting Language 4
6 Advance Web Technology 4
7 E-commerce 4
8 Computer Graphics 4
9 Mobile Computing 4
10 Advance Java 4

Types of Job Roles Computer Engineer

Computer and Data Researchers

Computer and data research researchers create and configuration new ways to deal with figuring innovation and find inventive utilization for existing innovation. They consider and tackle complex issues in registering for a business, medication, science, and different fields.


Computer and Data Frameworks Managers

Computer and data frameworks Managers regularly called data innovation (IT) managers or IT venture supervisors, plan, facilitate, and direct computer-related exercises in an association. They help decide the data innovation objectives of an association and are liable for executing computer frameworks to meet those objectives.


Computer Equipment Engineers

Computer equipment engineers research, plan, create, and test computer frameworks and parts, for example, processors, circuit sheets, memory gadgets, organizations, and switches.


Computer Network Architects

Computer network Architects plan and construct information correspondence organizations, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and Internets. These organizations range from little associations between two workplaces to cutting edge organizing abilities, for example, a cloud foundation that serves different clients.


Software Engineers

Software engineers compose and test code that permits computer applications and programming projects to work appropriately. They turn the program plans made by programming designers and architects into guidelines that a computer can follow.


Computer Support Experts

Computer support experts give assistance and exhortation to computer clients and associations. These experts either uphold computer organizations or they give specialized help straightforwardly to computer clients.


Computer Frameworks Analysts

Computer frameworks analysts now and again called frameworks draftsmen, study an association's present computer frameworks and methodology, and plan answers to assist the association with working productively and successfully. They bring business and data innovation (IT) together by understanding the necessities and impediments of both.


Database Administrators

Database administrators (DBAs) utilize particular programming to store and coordinate information, for example, monetary data and client dispatching records. They ensure that information is accessible to clients and secure from unapproved access.


Data Security Analysts

Data security analysts plan and do safety efforts to ensure an association's computer organizations and frameworks. Their obligations are constantly extending as the quantity of cyberattacks increments.


Network and Computer Frameworks Managers

Computer networks are basic pieces of pretty much every association. Organization and computer frameworks managers are answerable for the everyday activity of these organizations.


Software Developers

Software developers are the inventive personalities behind computer programs. Some create applications that permit individuals to do explicit undertakings on a computer or another gadget. Others build up the basic frameworks that run the gadgets or those control networks.


Web Developers

Web developers plan and make sites. They are answerable for the appearance of the site. They are likewise liable for the webpage's specialized angles, for example, its presentation and limit, which are proportions of a site's speed and how much traffic the website can deal with. Also, web designers may make content for the website.

Course Eligibility

Must pass minimum SSC from a recognised board


1 Year to 3 Years

Accelerated Mode

Any professional with one or more year of working experience can opt.

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